About me

This is who I am

“Like all of her works, Albina Dvortsis’ stage name has several layers. It not only includes her initials, but also has the russian word “dar” as a component.

It means “gift” – to western ears it also sounds like the latin word for give, “dare”.
Dar-A roughly translates to “gift from Albina” – and that is what DARAS art ought to be.”

My passion

“Auch Albina Dvortsis’ Künstlername hat, wie alle ihre Werke, mehrere Ebenen. Er beinhaltet nicht nur ihre Initialen, sondern hat auch das russische Wort „dar“ als Be-standteil.

Es heißt „Geschenk“ – für westliche Ohren klingt es zusätzlich nach dem Lateinischen Wort für geben, „dare“. Dar-A bedeutet also so viel wie „Geschenk von Albina” – und das soll DARAS Kunst auch sein.”

My professional background

“Albina Dvortsis was born in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) in 1975; she lives and works in Hanover.

At the age of 15 she began her professional training as a painter-designer in Tashkent. As a result, she completed studies in restoration of paintings and wall painting in Moscow, freelance painting in Tashkent and restoration of stone objects in Hildesheim.

During her studies, she worked as a lecturer in both Uzbekistan and Germany. Dara has lived in Germany since 2000 and, in addition to numerous exhibitions in Hornburg, Goslar, the greater Hanover and Berlin area, has opened two painting schools in Hornburg and Hanover, where she imparted her technical know-how and her passion for painting to interested course participants of all ages .

In her work she unites the cultural heritage of her old and new homeland: both russian iconography and asian miniature painting are formative for her style, but so is western european medieval painting. “

additional projects

Albina Dvortsis

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